CASFE’2012 Workshop Context-Aware Adaptation of Service Front-Ends (CASFE’2012)

Ambient intelligence implies the need for context-aware adaptation of user interfaces. This adaptation with respect to the context of use is applicable to a wide spectrum of interactive applications ranging from front ends of web services, information systems to multimedia and multimodal applications. Although the ultimate goal of this adaptation is always for the ultimate benefit of the end user, many approaches and techniques have been used to various degrees of experience and maturity that effectively and efficiently support context-aware adaptation. This workshop is intended to review the state of the art in this domain, while looking at a broad range of applications, to discuss positive and negative experiences of context-aware adaptation, and to come up with criteria and requirements for driving such adaptation.

Francisco Javier Caminero Gil is the project coordinator of the FP7-ICT5-SERENOA (Multidimensional context-aware adaptation of Service Front-ends) project funded by the European Commission.

Fabio Paternò is Research Director at CNR-ISTI, where he leads the HIIS laboratory, and Co-Chair for the Ambient Intelligence Conference 2012. He is also the chair of the IFIP Working Gorup on User Interface Engineering.

Jean Vanderdonckt is Professor of Computer Science at Université catholique de Louvain where he leads the Louvain Interaction Laboratory (LILab). He has been (Co-)Chair of ACM IUI’2004, ACM EICS’2010 and ACM IUI’2012.

The workshop will be a half day workshop that will result into discussing and reviewing the state of the art in the area of context-aware adaptation: a design space for context-aware adaptation of user interfaces, criteria and requirement for an Adaptation Specification Language (ASL), and a common format for expressing such adaptation rules. For this purpose, accepted participants will be required to use a preliminary version of this material in order to locate their work. Some selected papers will be presented, while others will be discussed, thus resulting into an updated and more accurate version of the workshop material. A video projector will be used.

The CASFE’2012 workshop will be held on November 13, 2012.

Participants are welcome from any background or discipline that is concerned by context-aware adaptation ranging from psychology, social sciences to computer science. The expected amount of participants will be around 15, but could be extended depending on the interest of the topic. We will also accept attendees who have not submitted any work to the workshop provided that they have already worked in this domain (e.g., based on publications or implemented products or services).
Paper Submission

The submissions include: short papers describing initial results, ongoing work, and innovative proposals, up to 4 pages; and long papers describing conclusive results, up to 8 pages.

The paper format must respect SIGCHI standards.
Important dates:

September 30th, 2012: submission deadline
October 10th, 2012: notification of acceptation
October 14th, 2012: early-bird registration to the workshop
October 25th, 2012: final version of papers accepted for the workshop.
November 13th, 2012: CASFE’2012 workshop at AMI 2012

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