Welcome to the SERENOA PROJECT

This project has received funding from the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement nº 258030 (FP7-ICT-2009-5. Internet of Services, Software and Virtualization – STREP).

Serenoa is aimed at developing a novel, open platform for enabling the creation of context-sensitive service front-ends (SFEs). From the point of view of Serenoa, a context-sensitive SFE provides a user interface (UI) that exhibits some capability to be aware of the context and to react to changes of this context in a continuous way. As a result such a UI will be adapted to a person’s devices, tasks, preferences, and abilities, thus improving people’s satisfaction and performance compared to traditional SFEs based on manually designed UIs.

Serenoa will perform automatic adaptation of UIs involving the end user in two major ways: users can intervene in the adaptation (e.g. by controlling, suggesting, accepting/rejecting adaptations, requesting better adaptations) and the system can learn from users (e.g., by observation, by sensing, by machine learning).The final aim is to support humans in a more effective, personalized and consistent way, thus improving the quality of life for European citizens. In this scenario, we envisage Serenoa as the open source reference implementation of a SFE adaptation platform for the ‘Future Internet’.

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